E2EVC Brussels: the XenMobile mega session!


Over a year ago the E2EVC events (or PubForum as it was called before) were enthusiastically promoted to me by one of the grandfathers Ton de Vreede. He did such a good job promoting the upcoming Copenhagen event that I decided to check my schedule and book that ticket and hotel right away. Eager to experience that community feeling of sharing knowledge (AND DRINKS!!!) with kindred spirits, community leaders and a lot of nerdie and geekie (as my girlfriend affectionately refers to them) friends.

At Copenhagen I was instantly adopted into the E2EVC family and was affected with the same virus that makes us so excited about our work and the great technologies that we get to play with every day. So without a moments though I booked my next ticket for the Rome edition that would follow in the fall. And decided that it was time for me to take the stage as well and share my knowledge with the community.

I even managed to get my girlfriend exited as well, so the Rome edition of E2EVC was quickly extended with a short vacation to do some sightseeing and introduce my girlfriend to a new family of very passionate techies that enthusiastically share their knowledge, drinks and experiences. I think it made her understand my own passion and eagerness to share even better.


You probably already guessed it! The ticket for the next event was booked within 10 minutes after Alex Juschin announced tickets were available.


A new presentation topic

For the Brussels edition I decided a new presentation challenge was due, so StoreFront (even though I love presenting it!) was exchanged for XenMobile …. as a new project just presented itself. And it even presented a teaming opportunity with another community member …. that turned into a full blown Synergy experience on it’s own.


Alex has an idea

While still preparing the Synergy breakout session, I received a message from Alex asking if I would like to team up with Karen Sciberras on the XenMobile topic and even go for a 2,5 hour session. As I’m not the kinda girl that steps away from a challenge a meeting with Karen at Synergy was quickly planned and on the first Synergy day great plans were made for the E2EVC combo presentation. I even suggested to get my two dutch XenMobile pioneers involved as well, as Martijn Hulsman and Rink Spies had been putting in a lot of hours setting up a very successful XenMobile PoC and getting all components to interact. They were my main source for all the lessons learned that were put in the Synergy presentation. I only felt right to offer the guys a podium as well to directly share their lessons learned with the community. Karen was very enthusiastic on the idea as well, so after Synergy was over, we quickly lined up the guys, shared ideas and presentations and worked out a presenting schedule to share some great content for 2,5 hours at E2EVC.


The presentation

In true E2EVC style, we all met up on friday to discuss our roles and presentations for the next day and build on our confidence. Karen shared her presentation, Martijn and me had our test run and Rink created even more demo videos as the internet connection at E2EVC unfortunately was very unstable. I turned in at a reasonable hour for the night and didn’t have that much trouble waking up at 7:30 AM on Saturday. I didn’t expect a lot of people to join our session, as the early morning sessions are not the most popular sessions at E2EVC. But our room was packed with over 50 people ready for the XenMobile ride 🙂


The presentation went great and turned into a very interactive session with some attendees sharing their lessons learned as well, Karen explaining the Citrix vision and hinting at future improvements to come, Martijn adding his practical tips and tricks to my XenMobile components and features story. It became such a natural conversation that we even ran out of time to get to the Citrix Workspace suite, but there’s always a fall edition to present that one ;-). For my it was a very successful presentation and I really enjoyed co-presenting with Karen, Martijn and Rink.


Time flies when you are having fun 😀



I do believe the power of the community comes from the willingness to share knowledge, so here’s the E2EVC Brussels part of the presentation on XenMobile, presented by myself and Martijn:


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For the demo’s from Rink you’ll have to wait for the video to be released.


You can find the presentation from Karen Sciberras on XenMobile troubleshooting at SlideShare


Alex has been so kind to add the video to YouTube, so check out the presentation yourself:

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