SYN325: Talking NITRO with PowerShell

This page contains all the information provided at Citrix Synergy 2017 during my NetScaler Automation presentation “Talking NITRO with PowerShell”.


To provide you with easy access to my presentation materials, I have created this page with links to all the resources of the scripts, demo’s and other examples that I have shared during the presentation. I’ll even include the slidedeck and any recordings that might have been made.

Enjoy the information and feel free to give me feedback to improve future presentations (and scripts).


Get your slides here!

You can download a PDF of the presentation here:[wpfilebase tag=file id=14 /]


Take a look at the slides and demo’s yourself …

Citrix has been so kind to add the video to YouTube, so check out the presentation yourself:


Get your own copy of the scripts!

Here is the link to my GitHub repository branch that holds all the demo scripts and NITRO Module: