Citrix ShareFile (Fall 2014)

To ensure the audience can quickly scroll, link or read the additional information found in my presentations I ensure a page is available on my blog at the start of each presentation

You can download the presentation in this post.

This page is created to support the E2EVC session on ShareFile, presented on October 25th at 10:00AM with Martijn Hulsman and Rink Spies in Barcelona and offers additional information and links that were included in the presentation slides.


Slide 6: ShareFile Architecture
For those of you who didn’t get a clear view on the ShareFile Architecture, here’s a PDF for an overall view of the ShareFile Components:


Slide 7: ShareFile Editions & Features
Here’s the link to the ShareFile pricing for business, provided by Citrix ShareFile:


Slide 13 & 14: ShareFile Data & Connectors
Here’s a link to a PDF explaining the differences between the ShareFile StorageZone for Data (datastore) and ShareFile StorageZone Connector (for existing file sharing solutions within your Enterprise infrastructure) :


Slide 28: Provisioning Users & Groups w/ XenMobile
Here is the link to the Citrix Blog demystifying the ShareFile User Provisioning proces:


Slide 32: Upload & Migrate Data
Here’s the link to Helge Klein’s blogpost on using PowerShell to sync data:


Slide 38: ShareFile Community Tools
Here’s the link to the SF GURU website, where you can download our community tools for ShareFile:


And last but not least, the included resources links from the presentation

Resources: Citrix ShareFile


Resources: Community


The slide deck is available for downloading: [wpfilebase tag=file id=9 /]


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