Changing the NetScaler Access Gateway theme

AGEE black theme

AGEE black theme

With the Citrix NetScaler it is possible to change the theme of the Access Gateway Enterprise Edition (AGEE) default logon page so it fits better with the new Citrix Receiver and StoreFront theme. The default theme that runs on the NetScaler is the Black theme. In order to have the same look and feel between the AGEE logon page, the StoreFront site and the Citrix Receiver, we need to implement the Citrix Receiver or Green Bubble theme on the NetScaler AGEE.

As of the release the NetScaler comes with a great UI Customization process. You can read all about this process in this Citrix blogpost.

For the older versions, like the one I run in my homelab (which runs version, you can follow the steps described below to change the default theme on your NetScaler.

The described steps are mostly based upon this blogpost from Jarian Gibson that I found, which describes all the performed steps to take in great detail. So all the credits go to Jarian!


Changing the Access Gateway theme

To change from the default black theme on the NetScaler AGEE (build to the Receiver (or Green Bubble) theme, you’ll have to perform a couple of actions:


screendump explanation


  • Use PuTTY to connect to the AGEE (or open a console).
  • log on with an admin account.
  • Type ‘shell’ and press [Enter]
  • Type ‘cd /var/netscaler/gui/vpns/customization/receivertheme/’ and press [Enter]


  • Type ‘tar –xvzf receivertheme.tar.gz’ and press [Enter]

The required files for the Receiver theme are already available on the NetScaler, they just need to be extracted in order to be able to use them.



  • Type ‘cd ns_gui/epa’ and press [Enter]
  • Edit the file epa.html by changing the line with var nsversion=”1,1,1,1”; to var nsversion=“10,10,10,10”;
  • Save the changes and exit the editor

I used the vi editor to edit the file. You can check out this url for a list of known vi editor commands to use.



  • Go up two directories and navigate to ns_gui/vpns
  • Edit the file postepa.html and change the line var nsversion=”1,1,1,1”; to var nsversion=“10,10,10,10”;
  • Save the changes and exit the editor
  • Type ‘cp –r /var/netscaler/gui/vpns/customization/recevertheme/ns_gui /netscaler’ and press [Enter]

These instructions change the running config of your NetScaler, which means that after a reboot of the appliance, the default black theme is restored and active again.
To ensure the Receiver theme sticks and is active, even after a reboot, you need to edit the /nsconfig/rc.netscaler file (or create it if it doesn’t exist).
Add the line ‘cp –r /var/netscaler/gui/vpns/customization/recevertheme/ns_gui /netscaler’ to the file to ensure the Receiver theme is loaded when the appliance boots.
Reverting back to the Black theme is as simple as removing the line again from the/nsconfig/rc.netscaler file


And with these new settings you should have a consistent presentation of the Receiver theme on all the pages your user passes to get from logon page to his (or her) published resources in the application store.


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Changing the NetScaler Access Gateway theme


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