Citrix Synergy SF 2012 – Keynote announcements

I’m still fully excited about all the announcements Mark Templeton and Brad Peterson made during the first Citrix Synergy keynote tonight (for me at least). So here’s a small list of the main announcements made (based upon my own tweets):

  • GoToAssist now available for Android and for FREE
  • A new Thin Client: Wyse Xenith 2 (40% faster, more secure, HD, multi monitor, WAN optimized)
  • VDI-in-a-Box now comes with XenDesktop license upgrades
  • VDI-in-a-Box is the winner of the ‘best of Interop Awards 2012’
  • VirtualComputer (and NXTop) is now part of Citrix
  • XenClient Enterprise Edition wil lbe released in Q2 (that’s THIS quarter) and is now part of the XenDesktop Platinum license
  • The Nominees for the Innovation award are Suncorp, IDC Frontier, and Education Services of America.
  • And the award goes to ………….. #drumroll ………………… ESA
  • Mark Templeton introduces a new word: life slicing (to explain how work and private life and intertwined and time is sliced in parts that switch between work and private life)
  • GoToMeeting with HD Faces now available on iPad
  • Podio is now part of Citrix
  • Podio is the tooling for what happens between meetings (=workflow)
  • Tommy Ahlers (VP of Social Collaboration) is invited on stage to show the Podio demo
  • Podio has a yammer/facebook look & feel and looks very user friendly to support collaboration and integrates with ShareFile
  • Podio has GoToMeeting integration as well! … and integration with Receiver to add application shortcuts to your workspace and start them in a webbrowser tab
  • Podio sure looks very promising for collaboration 2.0 🙂  and to quote Mark T “Not just yammer about work, but just get it done together”
  • Podio is free for teams up to 5 people
  • ShareFile with StorageZones (control where you’re data is stored both in public & private clouds)
  • Jesse Lipson is invited on stage to show the ShareFile demo
  • You can download ShareFile StorageZones yourself at
  • ShareFile with StorageZones is about iCloud for Business!
  • Receiver with Follow-Me-Data is shipped in July
  • Cloud Gateway 2 – new content controllers for mobile and data
  • Brad Peterson, Chief Demo Officer, is invited on stage to show the CloudGateway 2 demo
  • Brad shows use a great new feature, introducing the iJacket, with custom made pockets for the many devices with different form factors
  • Cloud Gateway 2 supports native (secure) connections to intranet sites from your Receiver (no published internet browser required!)
  • Cloud Gateway 2 offers a unified storefront for mobile, Web, SaaS and Windows applications through so called content controllers that are added to Cloud Gateway
  • XenDesktop Flexcast now supports Remote PC option
  • Brad returns to stage to demo the new HDX enhancements with a very smooth running CAD application running on the latest gen 3 i7 Intel processor hypervisor VM with a dedicated GPU
  • Brad’s Windows 8 demo on the Samsung Slate with Citrix Receiver almost makes you cross over to the dark side, it sure is looking slick
  • Brad continues to show the latest HP Zero Client, consuming only 13 watts by using PoE (Power over Ethernet) and also has HDX -on-a-chip
  • CloudBridge is almost here as well, shipping in June to offer a simple way to connect your data center to a cloud provider
  • Citrix CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack is available today
  • And how do you deliver all these services? Right with NetScaler 10
  • NetScaler offers Scale Up (pay-as-you-grow), Scale In (delivery services consolidation) and Scale Out (add & go clustering)


  • One more thing … project Avalon, delivering Windows Apps & Desktops as a true cloud service
  • project Avalon = CloudStack + XenApp/XenDesktop + Cloud-style Service Orchestration (read all about it on Citrix Blogs)

Or just go to the Citrix Synergy 2012 Newsroom to read all the official announcements & blogs yourself.


You can watch the Citrix Synergy SF 2012 keynote on CitrixTV:


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In january 2014 her first book Citrix XenApp 6.5 Expert Cookbook was published by Packt Publishing.

Esther is awarded as a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) from 2015 - 2017.
Esther is awarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in 2017.

Esther is a Citrix Certified Expert – Virtualization (CCE-V), Citrix Certified Professional – Mobility (CCP-M), Citrix Certified Professional – Networking (CCP-N) and RES Software Certified Professional (RCP).

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