A Logica Gold Award

This year has started out great.

All the hard work, extra hours and perfectionism to extend my Virtualization knowledge, adapt a Citrix Architect role and share my knowledge internally through numerous presentations and meetings has been noticed for sure by my Logica manager. I already received a big compliment on the quality of my Citrix XenApp design document by one of our clients, so knew I adapted to the Architect role. To top that off I have been rewarded with a Logica Gold Award (Employee Value Proposition “Committed”) for my work ethics, motivation and commitment.

I’m very proud to have received this award and will continu to have fun in my architect role, share my knowledge and keep my designs at the high quality level our clients deserve.I’m looking forward to the journey I’ll take in my personal growth this year and the new challenge I took on to share my knowledge even further by creating an internal workshop for Citrix XenServer.

Logica Gold Award - Committed The Logica Diamond Award program acknowledges team and individual actions that not only have a positive influence on the company, but who’s behavior reflects the Employee Value Proposition and are in line with “be brilliant together”. A Gold award is granted to an individual or team that has accomplished exceptional and/or innovative work and that shows behavior as elucidated in the Employee Value Proposition.
virtuEs Administrator
After finishing my Master of Science in Computer Science, I started working in the IT consultancy business in 1997. I've learned different diciplines, like web development, database administration, server administration and specialized in Server Based Computing solutions in 2007. Nowadays I'm designing new IT infrastructures as a Citrix Architect, specializing in Virtualization solutions.

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