Let’s get started!

At the end of 2009, during my annual moment of reflection, I’ve decided to register a domain name and start a blog.  For me 2009 was a year of professional growth and new IT challenges and this blog is a great way to acknowledge the goals I’ve reached and start new adventures.

So with this first post I hereby  ‘open’  this new site ….. hoping it’ll reflect me and my personality ….. and offer you handy tips, tricks, insights and a laugh or two!

Have fun ….. cause I sure will 😉

virtuEs Administrator
After finishing my Master of Science in Computer Science, I started working in the IT consultancy business in 1997. I've learned different diciplines, like web development, database administration, server administration and specialized in Server Based Computing solutions in 2007. Nowadays I'm designing new IT infrastructures as a Citrix Architect, specializing in Virtualization solutions.
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