UKCUG London presentation


A couple of weeks ago I read a tweet from the UK Citrix User Group asking for presenters for their Spring 2014 meeting in London. I immediately send out an enthusiastic email to them, offering an updated version of the StoreFront presentation I did for both the Dutch Citrix User Group as well as E2EVC Virtualization Conference in Rome.


I soon received the confirmation that I was very welcome to present and my StoreFront presentation would fit perfect with the rest of the topics on that day.

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Citrix XenApp 6.5 Expert Cookbook

Citrix XenApp Expert Cookbook Book Cover Citrix XenApp Expert Cookbook
Cookbook series
Esther Barthel MSc
Packt publishing
January 2014
eBook and Paper

In the age of cybernation, Citrix XenApp has emerged as a prolific application virtualization product. This powerful solution enables users or an enterprise to have centrally hosted and managed applications on corporate servers which can be accessed remotely from a wide range of computer and mobile devices. To deliver shared hosted virtual desktops and applications, XenApp synchronizes with Citrix tools such as NetScaler Gateway that offer secure remote access.

Giving you an insight into configuring, managing, and optimizing the advanced features of Citrix XenApp, this practical guide starts by helping you establish Remote Desktop Services and understanding the Citrix Licensing protocol. You then get a walkthrough of the Citrix Web Interface and then finally move on to successfully manage your XenApp server using PowerShell and command-line tooling.

"Citrix® XenApp® 6.5 Expert Cookbook" clearly teaches you to work with the XenApp tool to deliver published desktops and applications from a XenApp server to the end user.

Packed with practical recipes, this book starts with helping you understand the basics of Remote Desktop Services and proceeds to explain in detail the usage of Citrix License servers. Furthermore, you will learn to utilize the Citrix web interface, which acts as the central portal where users remotely access their desired applications. Next, you will move on to the key technical implementation of the NetScaler Gateway tool which Citrix uses to provide secured services.

Finally, you will advance to learn about the basic management consoles and tooling, configuration, and troubleshooting methods of XenApp with command-line tools and PowerShell scripts. You will also get a glimpse into the buzzing Citrix community by learning some great additional tools and scripts built by Citrix community enthusiasts.

This guide is an invaluable tutorial to help you to explore and optimize the XenApp tool to virtually deliver desktops and applications.

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Packt celebrates the holiday season!

While I’m working hard on finishing my first book for Packt Publishing I noticed the following announcement from Packt that I just needed to share with you, in case you are looking form some great reading

Following on from the success of last year’s festive offer, Packt will be celebrating the holiday season this year with an even bigger $5 Bonanza.

$5 ebook Bonanza

From December 19th, customers will be able to get any eBook or Video from Packt for just $5. This includes the entire range of popular Citrix eBooks as well . This offer covers every title in the 1700+ range and our readers can grab as many as they like until January 3rd 2014. For more information, please visit:


Unfortunately you will have to wait till January before my book will be published, so for now just check out the other great titles!



Great eBook sale at Packt Publishing

To mark Columbus Day, Packt is giving everyone the chance to explore its entire catalog of eBooks and videos at 50% off in its biggest ever sale!

During the event, anyone will be able to use the discount code COL50 at checkout for any eBooks or videos of their choice – as many times as they like until Thursday, October 17th.

Take a look at their full range of titles at


Even though I’m not yet finished with my own book, I didn’t want you to miss out on this great deal from my publisher.


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Book review: Citrix XenApp Performance Essentials from Packt Publishing

Citrix XenApp Performance Essentials

Citrix XenApp Performance Essentials

While writing my own XenApp Cookbook for Packt Publishing, I found the time to read another great XenApp book: Citrix XenApp Performance Essentials.

So here’s my review on the book.


The book consists of 5 chapters and it starts with design guidelines to IT Architects to design a good XenApp infrastructure. The other chapters in the book focus on improvements and optimizations Administrators can implement to optimize server performance, session start-up time, end user experience and WAN connections.

The first chapter focuses on the design of a XenApp infrastructure, which in my humble opinion is the most important phase for your XenApp infrastructure to determine how it will perform. A bad design decision can haunt the infrastructure during its entire lifetime.

Luca has done a great job addressing the most important design decisions an Architect has to make during the design phase and sharing his vision and advice on the subject. The information he provides on the many components that build your XenApp infrastructure allows Architects to understand the role each component has and make a solid design decision. I also like the style Luca choose, to offer information and suggestions and not mandate the design.


A must read chapter for XenApp infrastructure Architects!


The other four chapters in the book focus on the improvements and optimizations Administrators can check and implement in a production environment. Luca start off by explaining the different monitoring tools you can use to check the performance of your XenApp servers and additional infrastructure components, like the License server and Hypervisors. I like this setup to focus first on getting the right performance counters and then look at ways to improve the performance when required. The book advices Administrators to get to know the XenApp infrastructure and help them to understand what tuning might or might not be effective by providing in-depth explanations for each optimization setting. Not only does the book focus on server performance, it will run you along all components by focusing on session performance, end user experience and WAN connections as well. This covers the entire flow from server to client and checks each contribution to the experienced performance by the end user. Each tool to check the performance is explained in detail, which makes it an even more valuable book to have when you want to focus on XenApp performance improvements.


I for one have added this book to my resource library and expect to use it as a reference quite often when designing and troubleshooting XenApp infrastructures.


The following sources have be read prior to writing this book review:
Citrix XenApp Performance Essentials

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