Released: Citrix XenMobile 9.0



Today Citrix has released XenMobile 9.0, which introduces a lot of improvements for the different XenMobile components and Worx apps.


XenMobile components updates

As an engineer each new release makes me eagerly check out the technical improvements for a product to provide an even more stable and feature rich solution to support the business processes and corporate mobile workers.
So let’s start with the improvements for the technical components that this XenMobile release has to offer. The main focus for XenMobile 9.0 is on the Device Manager and MDX Toolkit, which now includes management for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 devices.

So here’s the list of improvements for the technical XenMobile 9.0 components:

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E2EVC Brussels: the XenMobile mega session!


Over a year ago the E2EVC events (or PubForum as it was called before) were enthusiastically promoted to me by one of the grandfathers Ton de Vreede. He did such a good job promoting the upcoming Copenhagen event that I decided to check my schedule and book that ticket and hotel right away. Eager to experience that community feeling of sharing knowledge (AND DRINKS!!!) with kindred spirits, community leaders and a lot of nerdie and geekie (as my girlfriend affectionately refers to them) friends.

At Copenhagen I was instantly adopted into the E2EVC family and was affected with the same virus that makes us so excited about our work and the great technologies that we get to play with every day. So without a moments though I booked my next ticket for the Rome edition that would follow in the fall. And decided that it was time for me to take the stage as well and share my knowledge with the community.

I even managed to get my girlfriend exited as well, so the Rome edition of E2EVC was quickly extended with a short vacation to do some sightseeing and introduce my girlfriend to a new family of very passionate techies that enthusiastically share their knowledge, drinks and experiences. I think it made her understand my own passion and eagerness to share even better.


You probably already guessed it! The ticket for the next event was booked within 10 minutes after Alex Juschin announced tickets were available.

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Citrix Synergy 2014: the SYN322 Presentation


What started out as a dare to get one of of the dutch community members into presenter mode, by teaming up for a XenMobile presentation, quickly turned into a real invitation to present a breakout session at Citrix Synergy 2014!

You can imagine my surprise …. that quickly turned into feeling honored and very fortunate to have been selected as one of the break out session presenters at Citrix Synergy 2014. Especially for the Mobility track that is still the youngest addition to the Citrix portfolio.

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UKCUG London presentation


A couple of weeks ago I read a tweet from the UK Citrix User Group asking for presenters for their Spring 2014 meeting in London. I immediately send out an enthusiastic email to them, offering an updated version of the StoreFront presentation I did for both the Dutch Citrix User Group as well as E2EVC Virtualization Conference in Rome.


I soon received the confirmation that I was very welcome to present and my StoreFront presentation would fit perfect with the rest of the topics on that day.

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Citrix XenApp 6.5 Expert Cookbook

Citrix XenApp Expert Cookbook Book Cover Citrix XenApp Expert Cookbook
Cookbook series

Packt publishing
January 2014
eBook and Paper

In the age of cybernation, Citrix XenApp has emerged as a prolific application virtualization product. This powerful solution enables users or an enterprise to have centrally hosted and managed applications on corporate servers which can be accessed remotely from a wide range of computer and mobile devices. To deliver shared hosted virtual desktops and applications, XenApp synchronizes with Citrix tools such as NetScaler Gateway that offer secure remote access.

Giving you an insight into configuring, managing, and optimizing the advanced features of Citrix XenApp, this practical guide starts by helping you establish Remote Desktop Services and understanding the Citrix Licensing protocol. You then get a walkthrough of the Citrix Web Interface and then finally move on to successfully manage your XenApp server using PowerShell and command-line tooling.

"Citrix® XenApp® 6.5 Expert Cookbook" clearly teaches you to work with the XenApp tool to deliver published desktops and applications from a XenApp server to the end user.

Packed with practical recipes, this book starts with helping you understand the basics of Remote Desktop Services and proceeds to explain in detail the usage of Citrix License servers. Furthermore, you will learn to utilize the Citrix web interface, which acts as the central portal where users remotely access their desired applications. Next, you will move on to the key technical implementation of the NetScaler Gateway tool which Citrix uses to provide secured services.

Finally, you will advance to learn about the basic management consoles and tooling, configuration, and troubleshooting methods of XenApp with command-line tools and PowerShell scripts. You will also get a glimpse into the buzzing Citrix community by learning some great additional tools and scripts built by Citrix community enthusiasts.

This guide is an invaluable tutorial to help you to explore and optimize the XenApp tool to virtually deliver desktops and applications.

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